My art story...

I first learned to paint with my mother and Grandmother as a small child. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by nature,  animals, and a creative loving family.

Some of my first memories are intertwined vividly with the smell of oil paints, and sitting on the floor watching my mother create large backdrops.  Like most artists, I have loved to create as long as I can remember. My artistic interests were encouraged by my family and teachers along the way. I really discovered my talent and love for painting when I was in high school.   I continued my education at Southern Adventist University, in Tennessee where I studied Art and Psychology. Later, continuing education with classes in Art Education and Portraiture at Wright State University in OH, and Schoolcraft College in MI.

When my own children were very young,  I began to paint professionally from my home studio.  Soon, I was commissioned for portraits and murals, and now I continue my art journey with paint and pencil and ink.

As an artist, have the honor of teaching art as well, sharing the joy of creativity with many children and adults.  Besides, private lessons, I have taught through the Brighton Art Guild, Howell Opera house, HIS home-school group, Minds in Motion, VSA of MI, The Palette community art studio, and  the Arthur Secunda museum. Currently, I teach for Art Road Nonprofit in Detroit, and hold summer camps through School For The Arts (2/42 community church), Brighton MI.

My art expression comes from the joy and happiness I find in the ordinary details of life, and also,  as a way to process the more complex and painful side of the human experience.

I Believe every life has a story to tell, and every story has the potential to inspire others.  When you look at my paintings, I hope they remind you of beautiful moments in the stories of your own life. It is my desire through art to inspire others to live better, more thoughtful, kinder lives. To ease pain, and to seek beauty and gratitude every day.




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