The Compass Of Routine

It  is still dark and early, but I open my eyes and glance at the time on my phone.  Just a few minutes before the alarm is set….  

Deep inside, my mind nudges me to rise.  I pause for a minute drifting in the foggy space between sleep, each window in my mind slowly opening and letting in light.  I turn off the alarm, and I unfold from the comforting nest of covers, attempting to be quiet so not to disturb my still sleeping husband.  

I slip to my knees and begin the day with a simple word with the Creator... gratitude, protection and guidance. “ Thank you, and walk with me please…”   

I slowly stretch and rise completely, the dogs knowing my cue stretch and shake their ears and stretch too.  They look at me with a wag, a yawn and a squeak, happy to say hello even though they were near me all night. We quietly make our way down stairs, I let them out and head to the kitchen for water and to make coffee.

With a warm pot gurgling, I sit down in the corner chair for a few moments of “quiet time” as my mom always called it in her morning routine. Scripture, intercession, inspiration, & meditation. lists for the day, check the weather... check for messages and social media...

Just as I finish, the dogs are back at the door.  They are triumphant, having surveyed the yard from any night creature activity. Breakfast for them and everyone else now.  I put on hot water for the girl’s tea, cut up some fruit or set out vitamins and granola bars or veggies for everyone to pack lunches or grab as they go out the door.  An alarm plays from upstairs and I head in it’s direction. Time to turn on lights, soft greetings and morning kisses for everyone… Time to get going. The day has begun.  


Routine.  There is something comforting and steady about our routines.  Whether it is morning, or night, for eating or exercise, sleep or sanctuary.  Routines are the compass that guides us when we are not sure what to do. It is the habits that tie us intimately with our home and the loved ones we share our lives with.  The essence and style of what makes us individual. Even when we are not aware, so automatic are our daily routines, they are the margins hold us securely from day to day supporting the lines that tell the story that becomes our lives.  

The time change was this week,  and everyone knows the havoc it leaves in its wake.  More accidents, less patience, crying babies and cranky adults.  One hour can throw us off physically, mentally, spiritually. So important is time to our health and state of mind.  We don’t even realize it until it is somehow disturbed. Getting the new time calibrated and back in sync with our routine is essential.

It is in our routines that we build the channels that form the current of our life.  It is also where we have choice. It does take some work to change habits or live with intention, but whatever it is that we want to make better in our lives, if we incorporate it in our daily routine, it will eventually form who we are.  Whether thoughts or actions, Everything from overcoming self doubt, to healthy living. It is in our routines that our habits are formed, and those habits weave together and soon the person we wish we were... is exactly who we have become.