Peace and Beauty in the storm

Peace in the storm.

When I was young, I loved to stand in the waves as a storm rolled in. My feet gripping the rocky beach, I would feel the intensity of being immersed in nature's power all around me. I would stay until the waves crashed too high and too strong, and I was numb with cold. I would climb the trail to the warmth of my grandparents' house and unthaw in the heat of the shower and by the wood stove.

          At times lately, the swirl of humanity and the pace of the world feels like a raging storm all around... so much anger and sadness. If we do not stay rooted on a solid foundation, it has the power to knock us off of our feet. Peace within, and belief in a loving God that does exist, helps me stay grounded and keeps me focused with a positive mind.

It makes me very sad when I hear people question whether God exists at all.  There is an emptiness that is a hollow place of endless searching in that question.

Humans have a spiritual element that we cannot ignore.  We can chase many things for happiness, but at the very least, believing in a Higher Power outside of ourselves is at the beginning of a life of happiness and inspiration.

I don’t wonder why people are distrusting and disheartened with the idea of God.  Humans have vastly misinterpreted and misrepresented the Eternal. And how can we possibly understand a force so vast and so complex, so much bigger than we can possibly reach.

So humans come up with a narrative a self-sufficiency.  People over centuries have spun and evolved stories and theories that justify a way out of a Creator and Deity that is unseen.  They determine that we are nothing but matter and cell. We are only organisms of existence and we only find higher meaning within our own creation and that is enough. We are nothing more than what can be seen, and it is sufficient just to not harm others.  Anyone who dares to propose differently is criticised and scorned.

Deep down, however, there continues to nag a longing, a whisper… a calling.  A persistent longing to a relationship with the Almighty, A communion with the creator of the stars.  A call to believe without having all of the answers. That is what faith is.

I don’t pretend to understand God or all that is.  I am aware I don’t see the whole picture. But every precise movement of nature, or kindness of humanity, the precision of it all reassures me that the spiritual presence is not one of carelessness, but of careful design and interactions in the smallest detail.  It is this belief that is as solid as the rocks beneath the pounding waves.

The well-known story in the Bible of Jesus, calming the storm stands out to me. Told in Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  The Disciples were terrified and amazed. They asked each other, “who is this man? Even the wind and waves obey him!”  Little lakes on a stormy sea and God who makes peace of it all.

The world may be tossing like dark waves all around, but there is one who defies logic and calms the soul.  That in return for faith gives peace that passes all earthly understanding.

No, we are not merely matter, but a treasure that matters to the Creator of the universe.